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[webFCA Training] Upload a PDF and Get the Link for It

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[webFCA Training] Upload a PDF and Get the Link for It

This is admittedly a little more difficult than it could be, but here are the steps:

1. Once you're logged in, go to where you are editing a text element

2. Click on the Document Manger and click UPLOAD


3. Select your file and upload it

4. Go ahead and click INSERT and then SAVE MY CHANGES at the bottom. Actually inserting this is temporary.

5. You should be redirected to the page where you just inserted it. Now click on the link to view the document. Copy and paste the URL from the URL window in your browser. Now you have the URL.

6. Go back in to the text element and delete the link that you inserted. As long as you just delete the link, the file will still be on your server, so your URL will still work.